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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Busy at the shop

It is such a busy time at the moment in the shop with weddings and a good amount of plants to sell. I love the light nights and spend as much time as possible outside. I find dead heading therapeutic and although its a small garden its packed with plants and there is always something to do. I have been cutting away the spent flowers and foliage with the hope of a second bloom. the poppies I cut a few weeks ago are coming again one plant is nearly ready to bloom. We have had a lot of plants at work and it tempting not to buy them all, but if i haven't got them in my garden i cant resist. At the moment I'm filling in the gaps.

Before my day starts at the shop I have to bring the four trolleys out and make the display against the front of the shop. The sun is on the shop all day so the cut flower bunches for sale are left in the shop. It takes a lot of watering at the end of the day but hopefully I will sell a lot throughout the day.

Just a few of the bridal work I have been doing this week.

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