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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Revisit to Geoff Hamilton garden at Barnsdale

My Friends an I went to see the gardens at Barnsdale in Rutland started by Geoff Hamilton in the 90s. Robert and I had payed a visit in the spring and really enjoyed it and hoping we had not missed the rose's in bloom we set off on a wet Monday morning. The rain from the past several weeks had dashed a lot of the flowers and the rose's all but for a few were gone. We seemed to get it just right as no sooner had we gone for lunch the heavens opened.

By the afternoon the sun had come out and the light coming through this tree's with its grey leaves was fascinating.

The next four photo's are from the arid garden, when Robert and I were there last nothing was growing there much but now it was quite lovely.

The rose arch in the small cottage garden was delightful I think my favorite garden.

In one of the pools there were tadpoles rather late

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