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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Visionary Gardens at Tatton09

The next set of photo's are "visionary gardens" a new feature to Tatton. They look very different to the gardens we are used to seeing. They have a deep meaning and you need to use your imagination.


This garden aims to bring a fresh approach, a modular theme which allows flexibility and development in the space itself?


This garden is inspired by the effects of the constant, cyclical rhythm of the changing seasons on the rural landscape.

"A deconstructed world"

This is really deep A contorted grid exposed soil trenches reveals the hidden works and history of the site, in time fracture and crumble, deconstructed by nature.

"Time and the bell"

A visual response to the past and present theories about time. The garden title comes from T.S Ellot's burnt norton a poem about time.

"Levitate me"

Earth mounds as transport systems hollow hills are global phenomenon, places to celebrate the coming of age.


The primary use of this garden is to create a sculptural work to be viewed all round and above.

I feel I have not done Justus to the gardens and if you would like a further in depth explanation go to BBC Tatton park.

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