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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two days in Whitby

Although our two days in Whitby seem an age away I wanted to put the Photo's on the blog if only to show you that the sun dose shine on us sometimes. We found a lovely bed and breakfast on the Thursday night and after settling in we walked down to the harbor. In the summer its so crowded and everywhere is open, but winter is so different. The only eating place open was the famous restaurant the magpie. In the day there is a queue waiting to go in and eat, and sure enough even in winter the next day when we passed there was a queue even though it was just past 12 o'clock.
After a good breakfast we went back down to the harbor walking along the beach. After a leisurely walk through the town window shopping and watched some men working in the sea, (we never did get to know what they were doing) we moved on to Robin hoods bay and had high tea in the tea rooms half way back up the steep road. It was a lovely two days and Robert did all the driving

The next two days we spent in lovely Derbyshire with Roberts family. Now back at work its so busy with mothering Sunday this weekend.

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