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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mothers day over

Well I'm glad that's over, mothering Sunday. Even though Valentine day gets you in the mood for being busy on Mothers day, it never quite prepares you for the amount of work there is to do. long shifts and no time to do any house work, cooking or even eating and never got to go swimming. I tried to take time for some photo's but only got a few..
I make a lot of pink arrangements but not everyone wants pink so I make a good range, this tropical one above is very popular i sold a lot of these.
The hat box is a popular design with fresh flowers, and I made lots a silk arrangements all different sizes and price range. We sell gifts all the time but they are geared to mums this time of year.
This was just some of the flowers for sale in the shop, it was a challenge to keep it stocked up. As you can imagine space is critical with fresh flowers arriving all the time and the orders we make up ready need to be stored some where. Out at the front of the shop we have shelving where we sell plants. They are on wheels, so we got a three more and used them to store all the orders on in areas and for what driver, ( we had four delivery drivers for the two days)

This is a photo of the out side the shop with the sun shining on it. the plants get hot and dry up quickly in warmer weather I'm forever watering. The shop window was amazing, we had lots of great comments. We salvaged some old fencing cut it shorter made a gate left it open, put up a washing line with old fashion pegs holding baby t-shirts with letters on spelling thanks mum. You may just be able to see the fence in the photo. We put garden table and chairs in the window and dressed the whole window in lovely gifts. We had some huge ceramic cups and saucers and filled them with lovely flowers.

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