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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Visit to baby see Hannah

After this photo was taken I gave Hannah a hair cut, plenty on top needs some at the back and sides.

The week before last I had a few days off and went to Coventry to see my niece and more importantly baby Hannah. Apart from photo's and my weekly chat on the phone with my sister Julie I haven't seen Hannah for a few months. What a difference a few months make. Apart from getting bigger she is none stop smiling. She is such a happy baby, I don't think I heard her cry whilst I was there. We had a trip into Coventry which has changed a lot since I lived there which is getting on for 20years. We did a bit of shopping and got Hannah some shoes, she has such tiny feet and 0 to 3 month shoes just fit. Later in the day when she fell asleep in my arms, legs dangling with her new shoes on, it brought a tear as she looked like a big girl daft I know just another stage in a child's life. I remember having a good cry when Fallon my daughter was a baby. It was when I couldn't iron her vests in one go on the ironing board, they were getting bigger and they had to be moved over the board to iron.

As usual it began to rain so we went to the transport museum. I think Hannah enjoyed the exhibition on the war time blits, cov was hit badly in the war and it needs to be remembered. Hannah sat in her push chair taking it all in not making a fuss sitting content with her adoring fans around her. When we got home she had her tea and I had the honer to give her a bath (she doesn't like getting dressed). After a bottle she sat content on my lap looking around until she fell asleep. The next day Hannah and Nikki her mum and I went for a swim at the golfing hotel where my sister is the receptionist, again Hannah was a angle. After we got her dressed and had her milk Nikki and I had a lovely lunch with Hannah just sitting watching us gurgling and smiling. She slept in the car going home and woke up happy. All to soon after tea it was time for me to leave. Hannah ready for bed fell asleep on my lap and it was hard to tear myself away.

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