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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day out at Burton Agnes

The house above is Burton Agnes in Yorkshire. Mum and dad came up for the weekend and I managed to get the Saturday off as part of a weeks holiday. You would not think it was August the weather was horrid, although it did stay dry until the evening. The gardens have been set out in a series of rooms. Each one has a game that you can play, hop scotch, drafts, snakes and ladders etc. they are all colour co-ordinated, white, pinks, orange etc. To the front of the house is the formal pond as you can see above there were some very big fish in it. The house was built with the money from the coal industry. I had not been in the house before and I thought it was lovely. throughout the century's the family members have collected art works up to the present day I found this interesting. After the visit in the house we went to the cafe and had a cup of tea and brought two plants to add to our collection at home.

The white garden

You can just see mum in the window of the ivy house

I was determined to have a picnic and as the photo show we got a good seat but with the wind quite strong it felt cold, a lovely sunny August day!!!

There were some stunning Dalia's and were mixed with other colours that complemented them.

We had fun in the maze there were two centers, Robert got us out, mum wanted to go through a small hole in the hedge.

After our visit we headed for the coast to Bridlington. The black clouds caught us up and with the wind it was just like winter. After a walk along the sea front the waves splashing over the wall, we headed back to the car to eat our fish and chips. You cant go to the sea side and not have fish and chips out of the paper wrapping. I felt sorry for the fair stall holders, instead of lots of smiling happy children there were just a few brave soles trying to have fun. Not so bad if its bad weather now and again but its been bad more times than good this year. We had a good day you have to make the most it and Robert drove home so I was completely relaxed a day to remember.

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