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Sunday, December 05, 2010

The snow has caused havoc

I know there are lots of photo's out there of the recent snow but scampi looks so cute. It was deeper than she was in height, but Robert dug out a tunnel round the house up the track to the road and to the back lane where we always go for our walk. Over the days and more people got out we were able to walk round the church where I took some photo's below. I cant believe what a stand still our country came to because of the snow. Everybody needs the gritter and the snow plough it must be a nightmare for the person in charge deciding where to send them. I was supposed to have such a busy week two demonstrations at flower clubs, york minster to hear handles Messiah, doctors appointment and Sunday should have been my flower clubs big demonstration by a dutch florist all cancelled. If you have been on Bobs blog you will know about our bathroom flood which has wrecked our sitting room. The assessor still hasn't made it to see the damage, the company who riped out the carpet, took the curtains to wash and have to come back to clean all the sofa's say they are unable to come as they are a now a week behind.I want to put up the Christmas decorations as I know the next three weeks are going to be busy and only one weekend off. It all sounds like doom and gloom but what I feel most sad about is the real reason for Christmas is slipping away. I had planed an evening with my friends from church down loaded a Christmas quiz but will have to be cancelled.

Its not to deep here yet

We have had some lovely sun sets this is the cricket field.

My poor little new car we had to dig it out, I was nervous last year even more so now in my new car she has done very well so far.

When it first snowed I went round the knocking the snow of the shrubs as the weight snaps the branches off, but the snow was deeper than my wellies and some of the shrubs. I'm trying to keep up with the wild bird food there is a blue tit hanging on the nuts.

Scampi's tunnel to the church yard.

Looks very picturesque

Lots of icicles around the house

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