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Monday, June 28, 2010

Birds at it again

A few months ago we noticed all the petals from the primulas were disappearing and discovered it was the birds, i did mention this before, they are now eating all my Livingston daisy's. Its doubly worse as my friend Lynda grew them from seed as i commented last year you don't get them so much in garden center's (saying that we had them for sale in my shop this year). In this months RHS magazine a couple wrote saying they tried everything to stop the birds eating their prims and in the end put out Niger seed and it stopped as it was the Goldfinch and the siskins. But I have seen the sparrows eating mine but did put out Niger seed last week outside the garden on the big tree and within two days the feeder was empty. I had the feeder in the garden last year but the seed went everywhere and I had to cut a patch from the lawn and replace it., that's why I have put the feeder out side the garden.
The rest of the garden is doing very well. Below are just some of the things growing.
The flowers on the black elder are beautiful

Tubs outside the back door are coming on fine

Last year I managed to throw two stems of honeysuckle and this year it was spectacular.

One side of the garden two weeks ago

One of the hanging baskets from work, they were so cheep it would have cost me more to make them this big with all the things in them.

When our neighbours left at the Begining of the year they gave us this swing seat, its in the shade Robert likes it as its cool in the hot weather we have been having of late.

Some of the delphiniums are over 6foot now. I hope we don't have high winds I never know weather to stake them as this sometimes makes them snap where the tie is or take the chance that they can bend ans sway with the wind.

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