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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pat Dibben work shop

Last Sunday I was away at a work shop were we taught this time by a nice lady named Pat Dibben who came from the London area for the weekend. Our club Future Concepts always have teachers who inspire us to work with different materials and to make things using our imagination's with textures and forms. Whenever we get the requirement list weeks before you cant imagine what it is we are going to make this time was no exception. Moss, hay, coloured mesh, fabric, thick wire,midelion sticks, raffia, an assortment of foliage and flowers to name just a few the list goes on. There were three different designs to chose to make but whatever you take you wish or had brought something else. I took every thing but left it in the car until I saw the all the designs Pat had created then got what I wanted to do. Unfortunately the batteries in my camera died so did not get any of her designs but below are just a few.
This was my friend Cathy's design, she covered a wire ring one with moss the other with hay for two different textures.
Jackie filled a long length of gold mesh with moss to make a long ribbon and manipulated it into the shape here and added the lovely flowers and foliage.

I covered my wire rings also with moss but chose to lay mine horizontal as if floating which wasn't easy and doesn't look to good in this photo.

I had time to do a simple design just using three gorgeous red rose's and a few large leaves. The green bendy reed are midelino sticks and come in all colours and are very popular at the moment, I use them in the shop in arrangements. The horizontal and vertical natural bark is from the failing's of the eucalyptus tree collected from Roberts and my holiday last year in Scotland (I am always collecting things Robert says I never use it)

On my way in the morning traving on the busy road I turned the bend in the road and was confrunted with a sea of blue in the wood. Bluebells. The sight was amazing but i was unable to stop. But on the back i pulled into a layby and although the camera was telling me no batery's but had a go and and was able to take two. The photo's do the sight much justes.

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