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Sunday, May 16, 2010

New adventure for the dogs

On Tuesdays I am suppose to finish work at 2 o'clock so when I did this week I took the opportunity to take the dogs on a different walk. This is harder than one might think as it means a short drive of probably just over two miles. After putting Tom and Scampi in the back of the car which you have to lift them in (tom is a big dog and he growls at you) I thought it best that Tip who is getting old and fragile could is in the front passenger seat. easy you might think. By the time I walked round to the side of the car scampi had jumped over to the back seats and tip having put her in the front was trying desperately to squeeze into the back seats where she has always travelled. The back seat I might add has my two swimming bags float coat and my bible which I was trying to move out of the way.
When we lived on the farm and I was always running Fallon our daughter to training and sporting events, tip would love to come for a ride. So with leads, collars a pocket full of dog treats we set off and not out of the estate drive scampi was pushing her way through the seats to the front. Roberts health and safety person would have a field day telling me off.
The place we were going was once a coal mine but as with all the closed mines in the area they have landscaped planted trees, built bridges, little streams and many paths with a large car park. With only one other car in the car park I thought good a walk without the leads let them run free. I was a bit concerned about tip walking a long way because of her age but I didn't have to worry she loved it. At one point I was going to put her on the lead just to make her move as she must have sniffed every blade of grass, and with her having selective hearing would not come when I bellowed at her. The other two were having a good sniff but not as intense as tip. We were about an hour ambling along and only walked half way round not going to high up. Also the down side is after reaching the top the other side is the busy A1 motorway and its the sound more than the view which spoils it for me, but saying that we use this road a lot and would be lost without such roads.

having a good sniff
one of the many stretches of water

only dandelions and daisies but it looked lovely

I tried for an age to get them to sit together but stubborn tip would not sit at all and scampi was never going to sit close only tom was a good boy (but they all got a treat) I had to be quick taking the photo.

There were many pools and streams and tom after being told not to go in which he loves to do was very good until on the last leg back to the car he saw a duck and before I could say no was in!! and although the water looked very clear the mud in and out was nasty and smelly. no ducks were harmed during this incident, he could never catch one in fact I think the duck was amused and seam to have a good laugh. Tom came off worse as he was wet though and smelt awful so as the sun came out and there was a seat we sat for a while for him to dry off.

With them all back in the car we drove home sharp with the windows open as the smell of tom in a confined space-well ill let you use your imagination. At home nobody wanted tom near them, but he will probably do it all again water is his one weakness.

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