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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Art class

When I was away at spring harvest a few weeks ago and writing about it I forgot to mention the artist Hideyuki Sobue. He is a Japanese artist living and working in Cumbria. At the evening seminars whilst we were listening he painted a huge painting a different subject each time from Jesus on the cross to a simple flickering candle. There was a workshop one afternoon which some of my group attended and whilst I have to honest and say it was hard for him to teach us how he painted it was fascinating to listen and see his work from his gallery from his web page. ( just type in his name it gets you there). He uses acrylic paint but adds Sumi ink from his native Japan. He talked off his faith and how he thought he was not a good enough but after going to study Christianity found the passion and faith to paint professionally. I very much like his nature paintings.

A couple of weeks ago i joined an art class from one of the villages near to where i live. Its been nearly 7 years since i picked up a art paint brush and i just had a longing to do something other than flowers, swimming, gardening and housework. A friend from church attends the class and said what a friendly lot of people there are there so though i would give it a go. Although I'm not good at it i enjoy having a go learning the different techniques. We are doing water colour and how applying different colours on top of each other give different effects. the second painting was achieved using wax crayons starting with a wax candle to paint the daisies so when the paint was applied this left the daisies white. then using the same techniques layered up the picture. Its not to expensive for a six week course but it is government funded and the teacher dose not know how long this will last but safe for the end of this six weeks session and the next but after that its anybodies guess. The teacher is David Woolass an artist you can go to his site just type in his name on google. Over the past few weeks we have played about with salt, wax, cling film and mixing colours to achieve different effects. Ill never be selling any paintings making loads of money but just enjoying it at the moment.

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