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Friday, April 25, 2008

The start of my 8 week flower class, week one and two.

Last September started a ten week flower arranging course in the shop. After the days trading i cleared the shop to make space for three trestle tables and a number of chairs, these are borrowed from the local council buildings. It was a great success and there was a good variety of designs and as it was near Christmas the last few weeks were spent on Xmas designs. My plan was to start another course in January but with Valentine day and mothers day then Easter so close we have only just started three weeks ago. The above photo is the design for the first week. My aim was to use tulips before the are out of season, and this week at market there wasn't the variety there has been. They are available later as they grow them in sand but they then become expensive. Tulips after cutting are the one flower that keep on growing and when i designed the arrangement the tulips were to fall downwards but by the morning the were all facing upwards but it just changed the arrangement and still looked ok. The phormium leaf was manipulated and shaped into a fan this proved to be rather hard for some of the Lady's but every one managed it in the end.

This was the second weeks design. The container was a short stone like pot and on top of this we made out of bio degradable wire lined it moss shaped it to a circle and placed it on the pot, wet oasis in the bottom and twigs and contorted willow was added. I washed the soil off some daffodils and Hyacinth's bulbs added them to the design and some irises. Finished it of with ivy, natural rope and lichen. It was an unusual arrangement but the class enjoyed the challenge and it was something different.

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