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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Christmas in church

Hi all, it's about time i sent you some photos of some of the work i'v been doing. Robert as you may know got me this laptop for christmas so in about six months time when i'v mastered it by myself there will be no stopping me sending all sorts of stuff. Robert by the way is Bob to you but i'v never called him Bob he's a Robert to me. The photo is one of four wall displays we did in church for Christmas. there was a kings theme useing the coulours purple, silver and gold, each one representing something to do with the kings. this one was the crown. its actully a Mc Donalds childs crown with stick on bits. We have a big tree at the front of the church but i also did my interperation of a tree, with a metal stand which holds four rings at different sizes going from large at the bottom to the small one at the top giving it a tree shape. On xmas eve with the lights down low the church looked lovely.

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